Polar Genuine

Spring Water

A fresh mineral water from the ice age!

C-14 dating

Quality analysis

Polar Water

The water comes from the Swedish bedrock in Hyssna, an artesian spring from a depth of 200 meters. Where it was formed more than 11,000 years ago during the ice age. Sweden’s oldest water. There it has been naturally filtered, purified and enriched with minerals to a very well-balanced and fantastic water.

We bottle the water ourselves in a PET or glass bottle.

Composition mg/liter
PH 8,2
Calcium 25
Natrium 2,2
Magnesium 5,7
Potassium <2,0
Sulfate 30
Chloride 10
Fluoride 0,78
Alkalinity 100
Nitrate <1

The water is completely free of drug residues.

Our products:


Pet 0,5L Still


Pet 0,5L Carbonated


Pet 1,5L Still


Pet 1,5L Carbonated


Glass 0,33L Still


Glass 0,33L Carbonated


Glass 0,75L Still


Glass 0,75L Carbonated

Pet 0,5l Stilla - Sportkork

Pet 0.5L Sport Cork
Still water only

Packaging details PET bottles.
* 0.5 l pet is trough packed of 24 pcs in each trough.
* 1.5 l pet is trough packed of 8 pcs in each trough.

Packaging information glass bottles.
* 75 cl Glass bottle, box packed of 12 in each box.
* 33 cl Glass bottle, trough packed of 20 pcs
Most suitable for, restaurant, hotel, catering

The water meets the requirements for natural mineral water. SLV FS 1993: 29


We offer water bottles with your company’s or association’s own labels, if necessary we also help to develop designs if you wish. Contact us for more information.

We offer still or carbonated water with a natural or lemon taste.

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